Deliciously Indulgent Hot Chocolate

Deliciously Indulgent Hot Chocolate

On a cold day there's nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate, this recipe works just as well with Almond Milk as it does with cows milk. Using Cacao Liquor gives a much creamier hot chocolate than just using the powder as you have both the fats and the solids from the Cacao bean. 

Serves 4


400 gramms Organic Cacao Liquor

1.4 Litres of Milk

Sugar to taste (or you can use Yaccon syrup for a sugar free alternative)


Milk Pan



Heat the milk up on the hob being careful to not let it boil (you will burn the milk if this happens and ruin the drink)

While the milk is heating up break up the Cacao Liquor into small chunks

Add the cacao Liquor in small batches beating it gently to incorporate all the liquor. If you don't have a whisk then you will get lumps of cacao in the bottom of your cup!

Taste the mixture to make sure it has enough Cacao Liquor in, if not mix a little more. Remember our Cacao Liquor is exceptionally potent!

Add some sugar to taste, I usually let my friends do this for themselves, personally I like my hot chocolate on the bitter side. 

Listen carefully, this is the most important bit. Sit back next to the fire and relax, this is a drink that shouldn't be rushed.

You can purchase the ingredients listed in the this recipe here.

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