About us

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Our purpose

At NutriCraft we help wellness food, drink and skincare crafters turn hobbies into thriving businesses, and live lives they love.

Wholesale health food - driven by fairness

When our founder Alex started researching the import of superfoods back in 2011, he couldn't believe what he found – a real racket – an industry dominated by a few players charging extortionate prices.

He realised that these prices were the main roadblock to success for the aspiring food and drink crafters he knew and loved.

Wholesale prices on small orders

These prices meant huge cash flow problems, and storage issues. (An issue he had first-hand experience of when an import of spirulina landed in his flat, the sacks serving temporary duty as a staircase.)

So, he set himself an industry-busting task – to offer wholesale prices on the best quality ingredients – even on small orders.

By importing health foods, superfoods and supplements directly from suppliers, cutting out the middlemen, and only selling online, Alex knew he could keep costs to an absolute minimum and pass those savings on to his friends, the makers.


Quality organic ingredients

NutriCraft are Organic Food Federation certified
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He also knew that quality ingredients are the difference between a loyal and a lost customer, a successful and a failed business. So he committed himself to importing only the highest quality organic ingredients.

This meant finding the very best suppliers; a raw and organic quest that would send him all over the world; taking in the growers of Sri Lankan coconut oil, the harvesters of Inner Mongolian spirulina and a graft of Peruvian cacao farmers.

These face to face meetings also enabled Alex to make sure that the farmers got a fair price for their ingredients. He has embraced this need to stay connected at grass roots, travelling regularly, and only occasionally straying into a neighbouring field for a local music festival.


No preservatives, sweeteners, colourings or any other additives.


No excessive processing. Not subjected to extreme heat.


No artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Fully organic certified.


No animal products used. suitable for vegan diets.


The personal touch

As a fellow small business owner, Alex gets the importance of speedy delivery times, and the personal touch. So, he made sure there’s always someone on the end of the phone at NutriCraft – someone who gets that issues cost time and money and who takes responsibility for sorting things out.

Wondering why we changed our name?

You may have noticed that Nukraft’s name has changed to NutriCraft. Alex did it to honour the artisan Crafters he serves. The grafters standing in the pouring rain at vegan markets and calling it a blessed life. Those guys.

If you get a pack which still says Nukraft please forgive us – as an ethical and sustainable company, we didn’t want to throw away a single bag. We figured you'd understand.

Anyway, that’s enough about us

Why not tell us about you? Nothing inspires us more on a rainy Monday than news of what you’re crafting. Use the hashtag #NutriCrafter to share your stories on social media. A picture of you at the stove, working a market, or delivering your first order to your favourite café … we’ll repost our favourites.

Ready to get quality organic ingredients delivered to your door at a fraction of the price?